The Bhakt Brigade…. be kind to them. They need it

Hindu Fanatics

The Bigots

Have you ever seen the posts of a bhakt (in this case referring to the hindu wielding BJP lover) or spoken to them? This is exactly what they say :

We are Hindus and so we are forgiving. Look at muslims. They hate all. We should be like them.

India is secular. Look at Pakistan where you cannot do anything. We should be like them.

Look at Christians. They try and convert all. Hinduism doesnt believe in conversions. We should be like Christians.

Basically they hate themselves and what they stand for and are desperate to be in a different country and act like a religion they feel is more regressive (Not saying it is).

So next time you meet a bhakt or a bigot, give them a big tight hug or a jaadu ki jhappi as they say. Can you imagine how tough life must be for them? How tough life is for people, who hate themselves as much as these bigots hate themselves? They desperately want to be others, and yet stuck being what they are.

Next time when you get angry with them, remember those poor people can’t even love themselves. That is how bad their life is. Trust me its a horrible thing when you hate yourself as much as these poor bhakts hate themselves. So forgive them and give them a hug. At least let us show compassion for people who can’t love themselves 😛

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