Dont hand over the right to hurt you to all & sundry who come your way.
Reserve it for a special few. God knows they will do a good enough job to make up for the rest ?
Ok Jokes apart, follow the serious gyan given above ??

Funny talks….2

Guy: I like you.

Funny talks

Hilarious Chats

Me: ok

Guy: Don’t you want to say something?

Me: Ya l like me too, a lot.

Guy blocks me.

And you say men are easy to understand????

An open to letter to all MPs & MLAs of India

Indian MPs & MLAs

Our Parliament

Dear MPs & MLAs of India,

Firstly let me tell you how much I admire you & want to be like you. I mean who would not. Imagine you get paid for not working day after day, years after years & people actually support you for doing that. This is like my dream come true work life & I love that you guys are showing me the way, as to how to do it well. So am writing this letter as a mark of admiration for each of you. Please be kind enough to allow me to gush a little bit longer.
Firstly can you guys advise me as to how to make corporate life like this. See all am saying is I will not work for 5 years & disrupt office if my company asks me to work,  & they cannot sack me for minimum 5 years, nor deny me my salary. That’s how you guys work, right? I hope I got the arrangement correct. Just how do you think, I can push this through? Something tells me my bosses not as gullible as Indian citizens, so might need some extra work. Please can you help me with the tricks of the trade, so I can get it going?
The other thing I just love about you guys is the way none of you let ambition get the better of you. Look at my colleagues. Always striving to do better in the company, forcing me to work harder. It’s like they always want to prove to people how great they are. None of you do that. It’s like I won’t work & I won’t let you work either. Company can go to dogs & in your case the country. Ambition has been considered a vice by many, and am glad none of you have adopted this horrible a vice. May you always have the strength to say no to such vices.
Oh and did I say how I love your appraisal policy? Self appraisal with no link to performance and no boss to say no. Now isn’t that what should be the rule in every company. It’s my choice to increase my salary to whatever amount I want & that’s it. (currently I want to increase mine to a 1 crore a month & I am trying to push this method to get it through. Please bless me, so I can)
BTW did I mention that the thing I admire most about you guys is your camaraderie. I have seen you guys accuse each other of the worst of crimes & threaten to take each other to prison for it, but when push comes to shove, you have stood behind each other, & not done it. That is what I love. Look at my colleagues. Am sure if I do something evil, they will not hesitate to put me under the guillotine. Evil colleagues I say. Am so glad none of you like this. God bless this friendship always & may it never be tarnished by things like “ethics” & “morality”.
Oh before I go, one last thing. I hate the chairs in my office & want those big ones. My HR not buying it & I think the best way is to hurl them & smash them just like you guys do in parliament, so they are forced to buy. I tried it once but damn thing was so heavy that I hurt my back. Can you guys do this a few more times, so I can watch & learn how you do it? My sincerest thanks in advance for this help. I am hoping post that I buy those thrones. I always felt I was a queen & those thrones would be awesome to have at work, what say?
Thank you so much once again for letting me send this admiration letter. Do keep up the good work. You guys are my last hope in this horrible world. Do not let ever the evil practice of “doing the right thing” ever change you. God bless you all.
Warmest regards
A gushing citizen

Some of my paintings….

I never learnt painting but started a few years back. So just felt like showing off a few





Woman in Red

Acrylic on Canvas


The working women

Acrylic on Paper


The Buddha

Oil on Paper



Acrylic On Paper


The Woman

Watercolour on Canvas



Funny talks….1

So will start a series on funny talks I have had with people, either online or offline. Hope you enjoy.

Funny talks

Hilarious Chats

So this was a conversation I had a few days back with a guy, on whatsapp.

Guy: Why you quite?

Me: Quite what?

Guy: Arre why you quite?

Me: Quite what???

Guy: Oooffff you quite. I am asking why.

Me: Understand but how will I answer if I don’t know quite what?

Guy: Oh god, why are you not talking.

Me: Oh you mean quiet?

Guy abuses me and blocks me off 

Do I support AAP? …. Answer is yes and no..

AAP Victory

Delhi Elections 2015

So a lot of you have been wondering if I supported AAP this elections (its a different matter that last week on twitter AAP guys called me a Sanghi and a Congi cause I questioned them, but I digress). Answer is partly yes.

Now let me elaborate. Firstly I preferred AAP over others. I perceived them to be better. Do I think they are good? No. I have so far not had a chance to evaluate them on absolute terms of being good. What they talk of, is good. But history has told that walking the talk is not a trait of any political party so far. But yes they seemed better. Now since the bar has been set very low by most political parties, better is no sign of good. So no am not saying they good, as yet.

Secondly I was bowled over by their marketing campaign and I mostly kept tweeting about it. If you a social media person, you would know that their campaign was brilliant. Not only did they not spend even 1% of the money that BJP spent, but they ended up earning money from it.

Thirdly yes, I feel that they represent a different kind of politics right now, and a change India badly needs. If nothing else, it will haul up all the existing parties provided AAP ends up walking the talk.

But do I support them beyond it? No.I have always maintained am an equal opportunity abuser and I abuse every party if they give me an opportunity. I abused AAP last time when they goofed and even wrote this open letter to Kejriwal (…/) and I will again. I am an issue based supporter of any party (I supported BJP few days back when they sacked a bureaucrat who interfered with CBI workings) and I will continue to do so. No party is my family or in-laws for me to support them blindly and I do not ever.

So am I happy with this verdict? Answer is Yes and No. Am happy cause for the first time India is telling its elected class, that either you deliver on the promises you came on and not change your course, or we will throw you out. In today’s age of instant gratification, no one will give you 5 years to goof up. Start performing from day one. But am equally unhappy and worried that there is no opposition. A vibrant democracy needs opposition.

Having said that, in last 48 hours AAP has shown more grace and class in victory than what BJP did. But then the honeymoon for them ends on 15th February 2015. They will be on the scanner from day one. I for one will hope they perform but wont hesitate for a second to abuse the hell out of them if they give me a chance, and I hope neither will their most ardent supporters. After all you can see what being a bhakt (blind supporter of any party) does. It finishes the party you love. Besides, guess loyalty towards country should come before loyalty towards a party.

#‎AAPSweep‬ ‪#‎DelhiDecides‬ ‪#‎AAPStorm‬

The Bhakt Brigade…. be kind to them. They need it

Hindu Fanatics

The Bigots

Have you ever seen the posts of a bhakt (in this case referring to the hindu wielding BJP lover) or spoken to them? This is exactly what they say :

We are Hindus and so we are forgiving. Look at muslims. They hate all. We should be like them.

India is secular. Look at Pakistan where you cannot do anything. We should be like them.

Look at Christians. They try and convert all. Hinduism doesnt believe in conversions. We should be like Christians.

Basically they hate themselves and what they stand for and are desperate to be in a different country and act like a religion they feel is more regressive (Not saying it is).

So next time you meet a bhakt or a bigot, give them a big tight hug or a jaadu ki jhappi as they say. Can you imagine how tough life must be for them? How tough life is for people, who hate themselves as much as these bigots hate themselves? They desperately want to be others, and yet stuck being what they are.

Next time when you get angry with them, remember those poor people can’t even love themselves. That is how bad their life is. Trust me its a horrible thing when you hate yourself as much as these poor bhakts hate themselves. So forgive them and give them a hug. At least let us show compassion for people who can’t love themselves 😛

‪#‎AIBRoast‬ – How you were forced to watch something you did not want…

AIB knockout


So a lot of talks are going on about #AIBRoast.

Apparently ‪#‎AIBRoast‬ offended some of you to the extent that you want a ban. It seems you were forced into watching something very offensive. Fair enough.

Seemingly “not watching it” was not an option you guys had. So let me understand how you could have ended up watching which so offended some people.

Theory 1 : People came to your house, dragged you out of your homes & forced you to go the venue and watch the show you did not want to watch.They held a gun to your head and threatened you with all kinds of vile threats, if you did not watch it.

Truth 1 : You had to buy tickets to enter the show. Remember you had to go somewhere (online or offline), pay your hard earned money and buy tickets to enter the show. No one was coming to your home and giving you free tickets, and even if they were, no one was dragging you out of your home to watch it.

Theory 2: It was up on internet and was auto-playing itself which was forcing you to watch it and there was no stop/close button and neither was it allowing you to shut your computer, forcing you to watch it. The video took control of your senses, your motor actions, preventing you from switching it off or from getting up, so you did not watch it.

Truth 2: The video was up on Youtube. It was not on auto play mode. You had to search for it, click it and then play it. You could close it anytime you felt it offended your sensibilities. The video had no control over you BUT RATHER YOU CONTROLLED IT.

So yes, IF IT OFFENDED YOU, you always have a simple option of choosing not to watch it. Asking for a ban or justifying it, just speaks volumes of your stupid and regressive mind. Nothing else.

Also, next time, do note the difference between a “roast” and a “shayari” program. Apparently some of you did not realise that a roast is meant to be offensive.


Or god knows, some day someone will feel offended by your very existence and ask for a ban of you, and am sure there will be some stupid archaic law which will allow them to do that too.


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