Much ado about sex….

Virgin olive oil

Virginity is a sign of quality

So was reading this article by this journalist on how she cringes when a man (read : potential suitor) asks her, is she a virgin?

I mean why does she need to cringe? When you cringe, you are telling me that you enjoying your sexuality is wrong, which is utterly crap. Why are we so uncomfortable with our bodies, that if someone asks us anything to do with sex, we run for our lives?

So if someone asks you next time, answer what is the truth, and don’t cringe when you answer. Rather ask the man the same question. After all would you not want to know if your potential suitor knows what to do in bed?

Virginity is not a sign of quality, unless you olive oil. If someone asks you if a virgin, it is like asking are you a non-vegetarian? If you have no issues telling people you eat what you like, no reason to cringe at telling people you like sex too.

And for god’s sake it’s 2014. Who cares if you a virgin or not?

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