Idiots I meet # 1

Why do i meet stupid people

Idiots I meet

As we all know from my previous posts, I attract a lot of idiots. So I decided to post a few of such encounters here, for your reading pleasure.

Here is one such post. Hope you enjoy


So I met this guy today for coffee. He apparently wanted to discuss some work. His work turned out to him telling me how rich he is, in the half hour we spoke. I am not even quite sure how me managed to steer the conversation towards it, but he did. Now sadly during the conversation, I was too zapped to react. But now that am back to my senses, I thought I would give him the responses, I wish I could have during our meet. (please note first sentences uttered by him are true, and rest are imaginary)
Statement 1:

Him : Do you know I drive a Mercedes E Class? (real)

My imaginary conversation post that :

Me: Oh, I thought it would suit you to drive a A Class more.
Him: You mean the Hatchback?
Me : No, I mean the asshole class. It would suit you well

Statement 2 :

Him : Do you know I stay in a 4000 square feet house.

My imaginary conversation post that :

Me : Luckily I stay in just a 1700 square feet home. I still prefer a home to a house, no matter what the size.

Statement 3 (this seriously took the cake)

Him: I spend daily 10000 rupees on just snacks

My imaginary conversation post that :

Me : That is ok. Am sure you can afford it. I heard biogas makes a lot of money. And the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth, am sure you make a lot of biogas.





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  • Agent 54  On August 3, 2013 at 3:10 am

    I prefer rich idiots to poor idiots.

    If you are smart, you can get rich idiots to pay for your coffee, lunch and more.

    You must learn to feed their egos. Then and only then, will you become a wise freeloader and truly rich indeed.

    For more wisdom please check out the greatest blog ever:

    • admin  On August 3, 2013 at 4:41 am

      Lol. great idea. will check your blog


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