Do I support AAP? …. Answer is yes and no..

AAP Victory

Delhi Elections 2015

So a lot of you have been wondering if I supported AAP this elections (its a different matter that last week on twitter AAP guys called me a Sanghi and a Congi cause I questioned them, but I digress). Answer is partly yes.

Now let me elaborate. Firstly I preferred AAP over others. I perceived them to be better. Do I think they are good? No. I have so far not had a chance to evaluate them on absolute terms of being good. What they talk of, is good. But history has told that walking the talk is not a trait of any political party so far. But yes they seemed better. Now since the bar has been set very low by most political parties, better is no sign of good. So no am not saying they good, as yet.

Secondly I was bowled over by their marketing campaign and I mostly kept tweeting about it. If you a social media person, you would know that their campaign was brilliant. Not only did they not spend even 1% of the money that BJP spent, but they ended up earning money from it.

Thirdly yes, I feel that they represent a different kind of politics right now, and a change India badly needs. If nothing else, it will haul up all the existing parties provided AAP ends up walking the talk.

But do I support them beyond it? No.I have always maintained am an equal opportunity abuser and I abuse every party if they give me an opportunity. I abused AAP last time when they goofed and even wrote this open letter to Kejriwal (…/) and I will again. I am an issue based supporter of any party (I supported BJP few days back when they sacked a bureaucrat who interfered with CBI workings) and I will continue to do so. No party is my family or in-laws for me to support them blindly and I do not ever.

So am I happy with this verdict? Answer is Yes and No. Am happy cause for the first time India is telling its elected class, that either you deliver on the promises you came on and not change your course, or we will throw you out. In today’s age of instant gratification, no one will give you 5 years to goof up. Start performing from day one. But am equally unhappy and worried that there is no opposition. A vibrant democracy needs opposition.

Having said that, in last 48 hours AAP has shown more grace and class in victory than what BJP did. But then the honeymoon for them ends on 15th February 2015. They will be on the scanner from day one. I for one will hope they perform but wont hesitate for a second to abuse the hell out of them if they give me a chance, and I hope neither will their most ardent supporters. After all you can see what being a bhakt (blind supporter of any party) does. It finishes the party you love. Besides, guess loyalty towards country should come before loyalty towards a party.

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