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Write up on social issues which concern me


what my parents taught me about trust

Our strange legal system

Using sex as a tool for marriage

An interview with Suresh Kalmadi

A fictional interview with Suresh Kalmadi regarding common wealth games 2010

Angry Mother India writes to her children…

An angry letter by Mother India to all its citizens

Unravelling the mysteries behind the online networking sites

The murky world of online networking sites

An open letter to the prime minister (shareholder to CEO of country)

An open letter to the prime minister of India

My horoscope matches yours – I am God

The power of horoscope and it has over humans

We don’t need to outsource terrorists…we manufacture them in-house and elect them to power

Are terrorists only the one’s who kill 1000 people?

Let debate remain a debate…all in favour vote aye

Why are debates today less about content and more on personal attacks

The News Media needs a dictionary ..Please contribute

Media and the choice of language


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