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Dont hand over the right to hurt you to all & sundry who come your way. Reserve it for a special few. God knows they will do a good enough job to make up for the rest ? Ok Jokes apart, follow the serious gyan given above ??

Funny talks….2

Guy: I like you. Me: ok Guy: Don’t you want to say something? Me: Ya l like me too, a lot. Guy blocks me. And you say men are easy to understand????

Funny talks….1

So will start a series on funny talks I have had with people, either online or offline. Hope you enjoy. So this was a conversation I had a few days back with a guy, on whatsapp. Guy: Why you quite? Me: Quite what? Guy: Arre why you quite? Me: Quite what??? Guy: Oooffff you quite. […]

Much ado about sex….

So was reading this article by this journalist on how she cringes when a man (read : potential suitor) asks her, is she a virgin? I mean why does she need to cringe? When you cringe, you are telling me that you enjoying your sexuality is wrong, which is utterly crap. Why are we so […]

My take on life in one sentence..

My take on life in one sentence..

Watch will survive…I Won’t

Wonder why they make watches which will survive under 300 feet when I won’t?

Marriage – Does it spell doom?

Me and marriage

Our strange legal system

Using sex as a tool for marriage

“Mogoj Dholai” of people of West Bengal

The sad state of West Bengal


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