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An open to letter to all MPs & MLAs of India

Dear MPs & MLAs of India, Firstly let me tell you how much I admire you & want to be like you. I mean who would not. Imagine you get paid for not working day after day, years after years & people actually support you for doing that. This is like my dream come true […]

World war 3….

The world cup semi final between India and Pakistan and the madness surrounding it

My mom….and Facebook…. :)

Ma’s first one week experience on Facebook…partly true and partly imagination of yours truly 🙂

How to make him love you….

5 rules how to make a man fall in love with you…FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK…

An interview with Suresh Kalmadi

A fictional interview with Suresh Kalmadi regarding common wealth games 2010

Bandhs (Strikes) is your birthright and you shall have it !!

Trying to make light of the sad state of affairs of West Bengal – A state today whose USP now is Bandhs

Not that I loved Cricket and IPL Less, but that I loved myself more

Lalit Modi’s defence against BCCI’s charges

Angry Mother India writes to her children…

An angry letter by Mother India to all its citizens

How many scams must the IPL have before they call for a ban…The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

The IPL Scam

The state of state of West Bengal….

West Bengal and the anarchishm which rules it


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