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ভ্যালেন্টাইন্স ডে পুজো

এই বছরের ভ্যালেন্টাইন্স ডে পুজোতে অনেকেই জিজ্ঞেস করেছে কেন আমার কোনো ভ্যালেনটাইন নেই। এখন কি করে বলি যে আমার ভ্যালেনটাইন থাকা আর এই যাত্রায় হবে না। এই ধরুন সেদিনকে একটা ছেলে আমাকে বললো যে আমাকে বিয়ে করলে সে রোজ আমাকে গোলাপ কিনে দেবে। অন্য মেয়েরা শুনে খুব খুশি হতো আমি জানি। আমার প্রথম মনে হলো “কেন? […]

Uncle ka marathon

So you decide to run a midnight marathon. Perfect. You decide to call your entire family (direct, extended, chacha ka bete ka biwi ka buya ka bete ko bula liya) and make this announcement, that you are a participant in tonight’s Bangaalore midnight marathon. Exercise was a never ever heard term in your family. When […]

Funny talks….2

Guy: I like you. Me: ok Guy: Don’t you want to say something? Me: Ya l like me too, a lot. Guy blocks me. And you say men are easy to understand????

An open to letter to all MPs & MLAs of India

Dear MPs & MLAs of India, Firstly let me tell you how much I admire you & want to be like you. I mean who would not. Imagine you get paid for not working day after day, years after years & people actually support you for doing that. This is like my dream come true […]

The Bhakt Brigade…. be kind to them. They need it

Have you ever seen the posts of a bhakt (in this case referring to the hindu wielding BJP lover) or spoken to them? This is exactly what they say : We are Hindus and so we are forgiving. Look at muslims. They hate all. We should be like them. India is secular. Look at Pakistan […]

‪#‎AIBRoast‬ – How you were forced to watch something you did not want…

So a lot of talks are going on about #AIBRoast. Apparently ‪#‎AIBRoast‬ offended some of you to the extent that you want a ban. It seems you were forced into watching something very offensive. Fair enough. Seemingly “not watching it” was not an option you guys had. So let me understand how you could have ended up […]

My shortest love story ever….

So here I am sitting in CCD waiting for my next meeting for which I am half hour early. Its unusually full and am thinking, “seriously, what are these college kids upto these days? Where do they get so much money? Why did we not have so much money?” As my thoughts wonder, in walks […]

My phone had gone dead…..

Last night my Airtel phone went dead. I called up the customer care number to complain. Following is an excerpt of the conversation I had with customer Care Executive : Me: Hi, my number has gone dead. I need to lodge a complaint. CCE : Can you make calls from your phone? Me : No. […]

Idiots I meet # 1

As we all know from my previous posts, I attract a lot of idiots. So I decided to post a few of such encounters here, for your reading pleasure. Here is one such post. Hope you enjoy ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- So I met this guy today for coffee. He apparently wanted to discuss some work. His work […]

I am sad .. :P

Another one of those idiots I met online…read on to know what happened.


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