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I am sad .. :P

Another one of those idiots I met online…read on to know what happened.

The mango theft – A short story

This is part of the game we playing in this group in FB called ladies club ( we do a lot of fun things there and currently we playing this game called write a short story using 10 words. This was the second set of 10 words given to write the short story today- home […]

Premonition- A short story

A short story….

Heads I win, tails you loose…

Team Anna is back again. Just when I thought that there they realised the follies of their ways, back they come again screaming murder. But before I move ahead, let me first state a few things. 1. No MP’s or MLA’s irrespective of which party they belonged to, wants the LokPal bill 2. The LokPal […]

An open letter to Anna Hazare

An open letter to anna hazare

তুমি যদি সে নও হে সখা (my 3rd poem…incomplete)

if you’r not the one…..just the first stanza

I am (not) Anna….

Why I am against the Jan LokPal bill

Online shopping with money back…am loving it :) (

The experience of shopping at

স্বপ্ন আমার সবি মিছে (My 2nd bengali poem)

My 2nd poem..this my own and there i finish my bengali poems…

ঢেউয়ের আগে দেখতে যদি (MY FIRST BENGALI POEM)

My first bengali poem..translation of the poem in the movie udaan


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