An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal and AAP



Dear Mr Kejriwal,

Firstly let me start off by saying that I am not exactly a fan of you or AAP. But having said that, I have never wanted an experiment to succeed as much as I wanted yours to succeed cause you gave me a hope. A hope that tomorrow India can at least dream of a change, a change where people are not voted based on caste and religion but on an issue, where politicians will not think they are our rulers but people whom we hired as our administrators, a hope of a new India. And for that reason I want you to succeed.

Let me start off with what I find is a refreshing change. Your decision to turn buses into homes for the homeless was brilliant and the reason why I guess people voted for you. Your government came up with a plan that is simple, smart, effective and one of the best administrative decisions any Government should have taken and yet no one ever did. I salute you for that.

The second thing I found wonderful in your party, is your spokesperson Yogendra Yadav. For the first time I found a political spokesperson who did not dodge questions, who did not confuse the interviewer with garbled nonsense, and someone who when abused still knew how to maintain the decorum and agree to change if needed. Now that is an example of a spokesperson and something all parties should learn (including the other spokespersons you have).

I also admit that my initial apprehension about water cost is somewhat reduced hearing your interview in NDTV and CNN IBN. Though I still don’t know where the costs are coming from, which I should know I think. But sadly this is where my admiration is seeing ending. Your next few moves are enough to make me shudder that what will happen with AAP  in power.

Let us first start with the immediate chaos your government has brought in. Your law minister decided to investigate a so-called prostitution racket which the residents had complained about. That is a good thing. Now let me just ask you a simple logical question. If it was a prostitution racket running for ages, as told by residents, I presume it would have been running even the next day and the day after that? So then after your law minister found out that prostitution was running in that house, through his investigative powers, why could he not go back, lodge a FIR and come back with the police warrant the next day, as what the law demanded? If it was an ongoing racket, I guess an arrest 24 hours later would not have changed anything? So why was that not done? Did citizens of India ever tell you that they voted you, so that you can break the law? Since you keep going back to Swaraj and referendum, did you do one to know if we supported this?

Now let us go to what happened post that. Reports came out that women were harassed, man-handled, etc. You very bravely defended your law minister. I saw your interview on NDTV and CNN IBN and in both, you said it was a lie, and your minister is all innocent. Now let me go back to how you came in the limelight – it was when you spoke about Jan Lokpal Bill. I remember an interview you gave then. You said how can politicians against whom there is a complaint be the criminal, detective and judge at the same time? Circa 2014, is that not what you just did with your minister? Why could you not say, let there be an investigation by a third party? Did we tell you that when it comes to you, we will have different standards? Did you do a referendum to check that?

So after all this, let us go to what you did next? You decided to do a dharna against the Centre. Your demand is the policemen who defied your law minister be removed/transferred/suspended immediately. So why you demanding that? Since you guys got the media there and recorded things, and we saw it, wasn’t the police doing what was legal and right? Even if I assume they were doing it for corrupt reasons, but till we come out with a law, where unsaid intent is punishable, can we punish them for intent? Now if your reason is that unless they are removed, a fair investigation cannot happen, by the same logic should you not have removed your minister too, to allow a fair investigation? Since you claim to be one of us, am very worried that you are telling the world that we common people have such double standards? Did we ever give you a mandate, to malign us this way?

Now let us go back to some other decisions taken by you, though by the current standards of action you have been taking, they seem minor. You have been talking of Swaraj and people deciding their fate. I firmly believe in a country of 1.2 billion and where many are uneducated, it would be a failed experiment, but let me accept it, and say kudos to you for giving us the power. Then when you gave us the power, why did you take decisions on FDI, electricity cuts, water cuts, without taking the first step of what Swaraj should represent – educating us on what was the economics behind your decision? I have heard your every spokesperson give a different logic, and it amazes me that a party which speaks of Swaraj, does not educate its citizens as to why they took any decision, which might, as per economists be a disaster waiting to happen.

Before I end the letter, let me ward off one criticism which will come my way, cause I spoke against your party. The criticism that I am not giving you time and its just been 20 days. Firstly I do admit its hardly 20 days, but since you seem to be in such a hurry to take decisions, I guess I had to hurry and give my opinion on it, before you make it worse for me. Secondly, I do admit that no party except yours, are 24×7 under the scanner for every action of yours.  And one reason is cause even non-believers like me wants you to succeed, cause if you fail, our hopes of any change in India fails. And like I told my uncle yesterday, that I will not sit back and watch you throw away our hope. I will not look the other way, when you screw up, cause when you screw up, you throw away our belief of a different India tomorrow.

So in spite of all my misgivings, I sincerely hope you change your ways, and do not let this experiment fail. Be the change you promised us. Show us a government which governs well . I sincerely hope you do


With best wishes


PS : Am no fan of Congress and definitely no fan of BJP

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  • Prasenjit Bhowmick  On January 21, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Very well thought and reasoned write-up. Little scope of ambiguity still left like many of us occasionally face. More I am watching them speak out, specially as you said Yogendra Yadav and Prof. Ananta Kumar, things are becoming clearer on their objective.
    I have taken up their membership and as AK says, every member should open up his/her mind, however it may go against AAP.
    I hope this blog gets more readers and comments. On the raid, Somenath’s language, the ruckus at Kherki Gaon, the street agitation today etc will be discussed later.
    I suggest you go to their site occasionally to read more on their plans.
    Like majority of the people wanting to see a positive change, I also get little confused at times and accepted that some mistakes will be done by them. I look into the broader benefit of their activities.

    • admin  On January 21, 2014 at 8:51 am

      i do go through their site, but him supporting bharti is what is worrying me most. Its this holier than thou attitude which will kill them. And India cannot afford to have them goof up. BJP and Congress and the likes will have a field day once they do

  • Prasenjit Bhowmick  On January 21, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    AK at times is acerbic, but somehow manages pretty well at the end. The best speakers are Yogendra Yadav, Prof. Anant Kumar and Atishi Marlena.
    I wish AAP insists upon Bharti’s investigation to find out what he has done.
    Happy that the dharna is over and hope they manage well till the 2014 election. Just a wishful thinking.

    • admin  On January 21, 2014 at 6:42 pm

      I agree. Let’s hope they learn soon.

  • Dr Rakesh  On February 21, 2015 at 5:07 am

    1) Khirki Extension – You have only seen the video shown on media. There is another on this link. Watch it here
    Prostitution isnt a day time business. If police is hand in gloves, only surprise raids would help. Police can raid in such situations as per law.
    2) Dharna – He was left with no other option. You may read the daily developments during those days in an ebook “AK49”
    Here are the developments on day of dharna and preceeding day –
    3) Swaraj – Kejriwal was elected based on the maifesto. He was just fulfilling promises made in manifesto. For that you dont need referandum. Elections are the referandum on manifesto. One needs it when you are doing something thats contrary to your manifesto.
    4) What was the hurry to take decisions on power and water? here is the answer

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