Monthly Archives: November 2014

A date with a difference…..

So I have always been blogging about these weird men I go on these single dates with and most, who I run away from. Things have reached a stage where a guy actually asked me, that if the date goes badly, will it go up on my blog??? (To set the records straight, I only […]

How to Maintain Good Credit Score?

Maintaining a good credit record is always important! It can offer lots of benefits in terms of managing own finances. Having better credit record can help you in receiving lower interest on the credit cards as well as loans. This will also help to save…

Much ado about sex….

So was reading this article by this journalist on how she cringes when a man (read : potential suitor) asks her, is she a virgin? I mean why does she need to cringe? When you cringe, you are telling me that you enjoying your sexuality is wrong, which is utterly crap. Why are we so […]


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