Monthly Archives: February 2011

My mom….and Facebook…. :)

Ma’s first one week experience on Facebook…partly true and partly imagination of yours truly 🙂


How my parents taught me about God and prayers

I wish I could write….

A tribute to some of the authors of the best pieces of writing I have seen in blogs

The story of the cheating spouse….

Why cry about a cheating spouse?

Conversations with my Ma…# 3

Conversations with my mom….ABOUT HOW HELPFUL A DAUGHTER I AM (SIC)

Conversations with my Ma…# 2

Excerpts of my conversation with my ma and her complaints about me being useless around the home

Conversations with my Ma…# 1

A conversation with my mom about dirtying my room

Starting a new Series called “Conversations with Ma/Baba”

An update on a new series called “Conversations with Ma” and “Conversations with Baba” coming soon…

Karva Chauth for George Clooney

Karva Chauth for George Clooney – of course with a twist 😛

How to make him love you….

5 rules how to make a man fall in love with you…FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK…


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